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little girl being examined by doctor in hospital bed

Deciding when to visit the emergency room is often stressful, especially when a sick child is involved.

Experts say that because parents and guardians know their children better than anyone else, it’s always best to trust their intuition and when in doubt, reach out to primary care pediatricians for guidance.

The experts at El Paso Emergency Room, which has East and West El Paso locations, recognize the struggle that adults face when caring for under-the-weather little ones. To help ease anxieties and ensure the highest standard of care for all emergency room visitors, the El Paso ER medical team compiled a symptom-checklist to reduce the guess work when deciding if it’s time to pay them a visit.

If a child has the flu or similar symptoms, medical staff say the best way to ensure a speedy recovery is to monitor their symptoms at home and manage any discomfort with rest, fluids, and over-the-counter medications taken as directed.

However, more serious symptoms to look out for include fast or labored breathing, bluish skin color, severe or persistent vomiting, extreme lethargy and severe irritability – all of which warrant emergency care. High body temperature or a fever that won’t break, seizures and signs of dehydration including dry mouth, sunken eyes and a significant decrease of urination are also reasons to pay the ER a visit.

Since October 2023, El Paso ER has treated more patients with the flu and respiratory infections than any other illnesses. “If you note changes in your child and are just not sure about their condition, please call your pediatrician first,” said Dr. Omar Mendoza, medical director at El Paso Emergency Room. “If you have been treating the fever with Tylenol and Motrin for 24 hours and it persists, please come to the ER to be evaluated.”

If emergency care is deemed necessary, rest assured that El Paso ER’s two locations are known for their minimal wait times and swift diagnoses for patients who are suffering from severe illness. Board-certified physicians and nurses prioritize children’s care in a comforting environment, complete with private rooms so that family and visitors can be by their loved ones’ sides in a quiet, secure space.

“I had a great nurse tech and doctor,” one former visitor said. “All staff were wonderful, including the front desk staff. Very quick to get you in and very nice.”

In the case of a medical emergency, the El Paso ER says to call 9-1-1 immediately. For more information about its services, and emergency protocols, be sure to visit

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